Enggrob Bed - Prices & booking

Enggrob Bed

Charges/Rates per night

One person

  • Standard room                       DKK 425
  • En-suite room (private bath)  DKK 475

Two persons:

  • Standard room:                       DKK 475
  • En-suite room (private bath)   DKK 525


Maximum 2 persons per room per night

Minimum 2 nigths per stay



  • Unfortunately it is not possible to display actual vacancies due to a new loft on bookings per year (according to new 


Order through AirBnB:

Ensuite-værelse 1 (eget bad)

Standardværelse 2

Standardværelse 3

Charges: As above + AirBnB fee. Aks for more information on web@enggrob.com

Arrival Time

  • Please inform us your expected arrival time (interval of 1-2 hours) upon booking and we will try our best to make it possible. We expect arrival btw. 17:00 and 18:00 unless we have confirmed another timeframe.

Handling of booking request

  • We will confirm your booking request as fast as possible (1-2 hours) and always within 24 hours. Confirmation/Invoice will be send by e-mail. 

  • In case of conflicting booking requests the requests are accepted in the order received. 

Cancellation policy


Please order place your order when you know your arrival and departure dates. We are too small to handle cancellations on short notice, why bookings cannot be cancelled. If you cancellation up to 7 calendar days before arrival,


Should cancellation flexibility be important to you, we can recommend these hotels: Hotel Postgaarden, Hotel Eremitage, Hotel Fortunen, Frederiksdal hotel.


Please note that your travel insurance also covers stays at BnB.